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Launch of the 2020 Skin Cancer Visions

Jim Fitzpatrick MP was delighted to attend the launch of the 2020 Skin Cancer Visions on Wednesday 15th July in the House of Commons. The 2020 Skin Cancer Visions is a new manifesto from the Melanoma Taskforce which sets out how skin cancer care and services should evolve over the next five years to provide the best results for patients. Jim was able to speak to charities and patient group experts and is calling for the NHS to do all it can to improve efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat skin cancer.

Malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is one of the top ten cancers in the UK for both men and women and over the last 25 years, rates of melanoma have risen faster than any of the other cancers in this group.

The Melanoma Taskforce is a group of experts in skin cancer, chaired by Pauline Latham MP, which meets in Westminster to discuss ways to improve the services used by patients. It includes patient groups, leading clinicians and experts from the NHS. The 2020 Skin Cancer Visions has identified a number of challenges and opportunities for skin cancer patients, including:

  • The need for a national prevention campaign for skin cancer, including the importance of Sun Safety.
  • Ensuring there is adequate funding and support for Skin Cancer Nurse Specialists.
  • Making sure exciting new advances in skin cancer treatment are made available to patients as soon as possible.

There have been a number of advances in skin cancer treatment in recent years, particularly in advanced melanoma, and it is essential that the NHS uses the next five years to improve patient care. Improving prevention and early diagnosis efforts now will be essential to stop skin cancers developing later.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP said: “I was delighted to attend the launch of the 2020 Skin Cancer Visions. This is an important new report which shows how far we have come in treating skin cancers but how far we have to go to make sure patient care is as good as it can possibly be. With rates of malignant melanoma rising fast, the NHS must act now to improve skin cancer services.”

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Posted in News August 2015